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03-09-2011, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Edible Empire View Post
What? The lowest support for keeping our system public and/or making it more public is over 80%...

This isn't about over 65s.

The reality is it's next to impossible to talk about some privatization because it's seen as heresy by the vast, vast majority of the public.

Politicians know this and so they take advantage "OMG look at that guy! He wants to take away your healthcare and let you rot on the streets".
I think defenders of public health care are worried about a slippery slope. There would have to be limits set to ensure there's not a brain drain from the public system, and that politicians won't gut health care budgets with justifications that private clinics are bridging the gap they're creating.

The best solution is to work on the publicly funded (and controlled .. that's by you and me, not some invisible hand) options to reduce elective surgery on knees and hips, and on MRI's. And there are initiatives to reduce those wait times, the problems aren't being ignored.

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