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07-28-2005, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeff Dahlia
Of course he and J.P Barry (his agent over at IMG) are going to play it this way. Is it right? Considering what we just went through over the last year...absolutely not. It was all about concessions, and it still needs to be. In the market that everyone has just created by signing the CBA, you think they would try to be honest to themselves and to the Bruins. It is all for posture right now, but I honestly feel that JP and Joe need to rethink their approach. I can't imagine the fans really want to comeback to the sport to hear players crying over cash after a lockout. I understand this all but to be one is worth 20% of your payroll.
I look at it this way Jeff, with all the uncertainty surrounding the economics of the "new" NHL, how would J.P better better serve Joe?

1. By negotiating a five-year deal.
2. By telling the Bruins they're going to look at FA next season.

For all we know J.P. had already told the Bruins they weren't interested in a long term deal and the Bruins went ahead a put one out in the press anyway...

I hear what you're saying about the fans hearing the players crying for cash. It's too bad BOTH sides continue to choose to negotiate these things through the press...

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