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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
we're all a little gun shy as fans of this team

sather **** us pretty hard

but Richards is the type of dude its OK to pay for like that

us singing him would be a case of signing THE guy we want to fix a gaping hole in our opposed to signing plan B or C (or both?) and trying to ram a square peg in a round hole
Gee, I feel like I've heard that before about an upcoming free agent in his 30s who has had a couple of great seasons but has never consistently been an elite player in the NHL. Yeah, I'm not sure but that certainly sounds familiar....

Look, it never matters what I think, and New Yorkers are the dumbest fans in pro sports thanks to the Steinbrenner effect (but, but, but, that guy's a proven pro player, that kid is only potential....!) and Glen Sather has proven himself unable to avoid making stupid signings in the past, but you are all kidding yourselves if you think signing Richards is a good move if the contract is huge and it's a long term deal. What happens when some of these kids do develop into studs and we can't keep them because we are paying huge money to an underacheiving Richards? Even worse, how does this effect some of our other budding young players who will have now one less spot on the roster. Even if Richards works out perfectly, the amount of money and years on a FA contract for him is going make us loose more players in the long run, and so it wont be a good move.

Of course, all this means is that its guaranteed to happen. Sigh, I wish we had Glen Holland and New Yorkers would develop a little bit of patience instead of always needing such instant gratification.

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