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03-09-2011, 06:08 PM
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Need email addresses of key media members

The following email has been sent to the following media members:

Jack Todd <>,,,,,,,

I need help getting more, like Pierre McGuire, Tony Marinaro, etc...
Dear media gurus,

I'm writing to you because I need to get this message out and there's no better way to do so than to get the media involved. I've been a hockey fan since the Habs magical run in 02' and I've never missed a beat since. Today is the first day since then that I've truly lost any hope/faith that this league will ever be run by competent staff.

I know that there are many different angles to this incident and that both sides have strong arguments, but today is a day that we, the fans, have to make a stand for what is HUMANE. Zdeno Chara is an NHL star and a long time veteran. He is a great hockey player and will continue to be a great hockey player. Contrary to the belief held by many Montreal fans, I do NOT believe that it was his intent to injure Pacioretty. I cannot believe that any player (even Bertuzzi) would ever want that on their conscience. At the end of the day, it shouldn't matter whether there was intent.

A hockey player almost died last night. ALMOST DIED. And the best that Mr. Murphy can come up with is that it was a hockey play and that Chara has no previous incidents on his record? Replace Chara with ANYONE in the league, be it Zetterberg, Crosby, Cooke or Gillies and remove all (possible) intent to injure, and that play still deserves to be a long term suspension.

Why? TO SEND A MESSAGE. We are talking about human lives here, not points, not rankings, not stats. NHL players and players all over the world need to realize that they are playing this magical sport with fellow human beings, not stat holders. They need to know that their actions have real life consequences. Can anyone honestly say that after playing in a rink for 82+ games a year (and practicing in one for MUCH more) that Chara didn't know that stanchion was coming? Can anyone honestly say that when they go to hit a guy from behind into the boards that they didn't know where that player was with respect to the boards?

There is absolutely no respect left in this game and it disgusts me. It disgusts me that I pay for merchandise marketed by a league that seems to have little to no care about the safety of its employees when they constantly fail to "make a statement" in response to these situations.

And that's where the fans come in. We need to send a message. We need the idiot heads of the NHL to realize that it is the fans that pay their salaries. They need to remember that it is because of the fans that this league exists. And they need to hear loud and clear that we will no longer stand for this. I am 24 years old, and I was almost in tears last night in fear that Pacioretty had actually DIED playing the game (after all that's what it is, a game) that I and millions of other human beings love so dearly.

What is the message that I propose to send? Fans need to skip out on one game. I want to see the NHL's reaction to an empty Bell Center. I want them to realize that they need to consider their future decisions wisely. I know that this request is quite crazy, but something needs to be done, and it is becoming more and more apparent that the only thing these fools can put any value in is the NHL's wallet. Maybe Gary Bettman should've stepped in today instead of only concerning himself with the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes, a matter of much less importance with all things considered...

I implore all of you to consider this request dearly. If you disagree with my suggestion, please at the very least get a movement going with another suggestion that will impact the way these decisions are made. I don't want to have to explain to my future child why a certain rule in the book exists and that someone had to die to get it in there.

Yours truly,
Please help me out. Enough is enough. Something has to be done.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING "THIS IS USELESS". If you don't want to help, then stay out.


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