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07-28-2005, 11:27 AM
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Grew up skating a few times a year, but could never do anything besides going straight ahead, so I always had the basic stride but nothing else. Started rollerblading in my mid-twenties, and gradually began blading backwards, pivoting etc and decided that if I could pick it up on blades, why not skates? Had a schoolmate that played pickup twice a week and there was general skating an hour before that, so I spent four months just skating a few times a week and then started playing pickup. That was four or five years ago now.

Stopping just clicked for me. I was two months trying to do it and never got it once. This one day, though, I'm heading for the end boards and just turn my heels and bam! Perfect stop. I'm pretty consistent with it now, although to this day I only stop with my toes pointing to the right, never to the left.

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