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10-12-2003, 10:36 AM
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Man.. it's too funny reading this board lately. From one game to the next we see how "we're going to tank the season" to "we love the system, Julien and Theodore".

Ah well, I guess it all makes for an interesting read in the end.

As for my own opinion, it won't be formed until I've seen them play a few more games. I've liked what I've seen so far but don't think it's enough for us to reach much in terms of playoffs. We are lacking a strong finisher in our lineup for that to happen.

I've really enjoyed watching the team.

Ribeiro really shows some nice skills out there. I hope he continues to get stronger and works on his speed and acceleration. Lots of talent here.

Ryder has also been excellent on the ice. I really like his shot. It's quick and precise.

Ward is doing what is expected of him (which for those of you who think it's 1st or 2nd line duties.. well, wake up). I can definately see him as a good 3rd or 4th line player so far. Who knows, maybe someday he'll prove otherwise but I'm still not sold. I really like the energy he brings to the team though.

Audette is probably the one player who is disappointing me most. Still too early to tell but he's not providing much to the team other than a wasted roster spot. He tries hard but his size and lack of a finishing touch (so far) has limited his use. I hope he keeps working hard though.

That's all I want to comment on for now as I have no idea how people manage to put out feedback on 15 players in one game. You can't seem them all at once.

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