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03-09-2011, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Before you guys keep over reacting and think Chara should be charged with murder, not even Patches think he should have gotten a huge suspension.

That should be a sign to the rest of you that you's are over reacting. Patches only thinks it deserves a slap on the wrist, a 2-3 game suspension. And he is the one sitting in a hospital.

Yea it really sucks but its not as bad as most of you are making it out to be. You don't see Montreal players labelling Chara as the devil. Take some notes from the Montreal team that you guys love and follow their lead.
He never said he doesn't think Chara should have gotten a huge suspension. What he says is that he deserved something, whatever it is, one, two, three....wtv. He would settle for anything.
You really didn't understand it well.

He also says it's clear that Chara knew what he was doing. So, if you believe MaxPac, then wouldn't you say a knowingly Chara should definitely deserve a big suspension?? Purposely shoving the head of a player into a turnbuckle is what MaxPac is saying Chara did. That surely warrants a huge suspension.

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