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03-10-2011, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by beth View Post
I've been sharpening mine about once a month. Between my practices/games, my son's practices, and just stick and puck, lately I'm on the ice between 7-10 hours a week. But I'm lightweight and not hard on my skates. I usually don't realize how bad my edges have gotten until I get them sharpened and all of a sudden they feel tons better. I do 1/2".
Beth try a 9/16 sharp the edges will last a bit longer, and you will skate a little faster.

That being said the shallower the hollow the longer your edges should last. I sharpen at 9/16 and sharpen at least every 5 skates, or about once a week to week and a half.

I do like fresh edges, and I really should use a 3/4 hollow I'm a big guy. and I get my skated profiled every year to try to keep them consistent.

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