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Originally Posted by blahblah3 View Post
The quality is better, the US does the vast majority of medical research through its universities, therefore cutting edge treatments are more readily available. They also have far more tools at their disposal. Also, our doctors are chronically underplayed for what they do, many talented doctors go to the US.

The quality is definitely better. I am not saying their system is the solution, but don't try and spread this myth that it is even fathomable that our system has an equal quality. That is simply impossible and ridiculous.
Maybe to a degree its better as with research we do a fair amount in canada and have some of the best labs etc in the world.There system is not the answer people go bankrupt getting medical treatment and lots can't even afford medical care do you really want that in canada.As for equal quality its close canadas biggest issues in lack of funding and everyone has access to care if everything had that right in the states there system would be back logged much like in canada.

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