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Originally Posted by SensGal View Post
I wouldn't say the Quality is better. The speed is better (IF YOU HAVE MONEY), but not the quality.

I am a nurse, I've worked in an ER (although I don't anymore). But our system is pretty good.

Considering we don't have to pay for most things, and people get fair treatment.

The major problem is the wait times. Waiting for things like gall-bladder surgeries, or tonsilectomy, MRI's, CT scans and the like will take time if not urgent. And the major difference in the states would be, if you had the money - you would get the care quickly, if not - you'd be in a worse position than an American.

On the flip side, a huge problem in the states is post op care. There is a huge pressure for doc's to make sure that after a surgery a patient doesn't spend long in the hospital. Often after surgery, you will go home very shortly, with IV's, chest tubes and all of that. Simply getting a check up once or twice a day by a nurse.

People will ALWAYS complain about our healthcare system in canada. But when you have a heart attack or some form of real big emergency, or a child of yours does, and they get rushed immediately to the OR or for help, you will be glad you won't be getting a bill in the mail later.
Let me tell you my story about gallbladder surgery since I just had it out on January 19, 2011. I first went in with pains in June 2010. 8 months and that is only because I took matters into my own hands and gae up waiting for 'the system' to get it done, otherwise I would still be waiting for my next appointment with the Gastrospecialist on April 25, 2011 at which time he would then make a referral for more testing and perhaps a surgeon at some point. I had so many attacks that when they pulled it out the surgeon said it was extremely scarred and I had other complications as a result of it taking so long.

I gave up on the system and decided to control it to the best of my own ability. No longer letting my family Dr. book appointments for me but rather giving me a referral and letting me book them myself. I learned that if you let your family Dr. book you ultrasounds, upper GIs and HIDAs they will not search for the best or quickest place but will make one call, two max and that is it. I spoke with a couple of people who had an attack and went into ER and got it out the next day (yeah the system is that brutually inconsistent and the squeaky wheel always gets the grease). I tried not to say the pain was a 10 when they asked because I didn't want to bump other people who were dealing with more severe issues but I learned you have to take charge for yourself because noone else will.

Eventually I just got so damn frustrated I asked them to send my results to a surgeon and who ran a HIDA scan which I booked and called repeatedly to get on cancellation lists. Eventually I get it done showing a 0% functioning gallbladder and they tell me 4 more months till surgery. Fek that I say and call every surgeon at every hospital within 4 hrs away. I find one and get it done in 2 weeks for a total elapsed time of 8 months and would have been well over a year if I didn't take charge.

Don't get me going on my mother's cancer and her loss of life. Yeah our system is great if you compare it to the worst out there but to bury your head in the sand and say it is fine just shows you have never dealt with anything significant and are talking out of your azz.

Family Drs are glorified administrators who become middle men and do nothing but slow down the process to being properly diagnosed and treated. Need a test, go through them. Want to know the results of said tests, book an appointment with the family Dr. Everyone gets their cut of the pie.

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