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03-10-2011, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MadArcand View Post
Paccioretti has just played the puck. Chara was late, but it was nowhere near the 'he was nowhere near the puck' nonsense that Habs fans try to paint it as. He also didn't hit his head, he hit his shoulder, angling Paccioretti over the boards. Had Paccioretti not kept skating ahead, he wouldn't have hit his head into the construction.

It was interference with unfortunate result, but the fault for the result lies mostly in whichever imbecile designed the boards (useless, dangerous construction? sure, why not!).
Interference is never an unfortune result, it's always intentional. Chara wasn't "finishing his check", he started his check when Pacioretty already got rid of the puck. Chara played all his career in Northeastern division and played more than enough games to know how boards are constructed. And he clearly directed Pacioretty's head with his hand. There is nothing unfortunal on this hit, besides th results.

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