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1- Jérémy Toulalan, DM, Nantes
An absolute beast. The guy seems to win every challenge he’s involved in. He’ll move to Lyon either this summer or next and will probably play for the nation squad in the next year.
He’s IMO better than Mavuba right now (but he’s older).

2- Jérémy Mathieu, LB/DM, Toulouse
I’ve hyped this guy a lot because he’s very underrated. He’s a defensive rock and can play central Dman, left back or defensive midfielder with success each time. He won’t get much publicity, but he’s a guy every team would love to have.

3-Franck Ribéry, OM, Marseille
The guy started so strong last season that even though he left for Galatasaray in December, he still was among the assists leaders at the end of the season. He’s a real playmaker in every sense of the word. Careful though, he’s not the brightest.

4- Lorick Cana, DM, PSG
Cana is the heart and soul of PSG. He’s albanian, and he was formed in Paris. He’s a rock in defensive midfield, and he loves PSG so much that he said no to Bayern Munich a year ago.

5- Jussie, St, Lens
Jussie is a lot of fun to watch. He can start to dribble and be a joy to the fans. However he needs to find some consistency in front of the net as he misses too many opportunities right now.

6- Jean Makoun, DM, Lille
He’s very hyped, but IMO he’s a result of the great collective game in Lille. It makes him look better than he is IMO.

7- JM Badiane, D, PSG
He’s a stud at the back. He’s powerful, with a good header. He needs to be focused for the whole game though.

8- Etienne Didot, DM, Rennes
He’s a can do it all type of player. He can play either DM or OM with ease. He won’t do anything greatly, but everything very well. He lacks a big weapon IMO.

9- Baptiste Chabert, GK, Auxerre
He’s a good goalie prospect.

10- Nabil Taider, DM, Toulouse
He’s a solid midfielder with a great shot.

11- Bakari Sagna, RB, Auxerre
He’s very hyped, way too much to my liking. Some have him very high, but he’s never impressed me so far.

UnRanked- Thomas Kahlenberg, OM, Auxerre
I saw him in one game, where he was arguable Auxerre’s best player. I need to have more looks to make a judgment, but the quality of his corners and free kicks will be a plus for Auxerre.


1- Rio Mavuba, DM, Bordeaux
Everything’s been said about him. He’s a future national team player. Errhh, actually, he’s already a national team player.

2- Mourad Meghni, OM, Bologna
The madly talented but fragile Meghni is well known. His ability to stay healthy will probably determine his career. Oh and his environement too. There are rumors his agents are in the same mold as Anelka’s. Not good.

3- Jacques Faty, D, Rennes
Faty is regared as a top notch defenseman. He was the captain of this golden generation (U18 World Champs). He’s a leader and a complete rock on defense. If needed, he can play DM. He’s exactly like Desailly was at his age. Some think of him for the national team.

4- Nilmar, St, Lyon
Nilmar has a lot of talent, but he has to understand he isn’t going to be an every week starter with the depth Lyon has. Nilmar’s biggest weapon is his offensive sense. He knows where to be and when to be there.

5- Emanuel Adebayor, St, Monaco
Cris, L1’s best defenseman said the striker that was the most difficult to guard was the Albatros. Adebayor is very tall, rather quick, extremely agile, and has a good header and adequate shot. That is a whole lot of package right there. Consistency is the key to his future.

6- Lucien Aubey, D, Toulouse
Aubey is a rock on defense. He’ll explode this season, I can bet right now.

7- Marouane Chamakh, ST, Bordeaux
Chamakh is big, strong and is very good 1 on 1 against the goalie. He has similar weapons as Trézéguet, although not quite as good obviously. Still think he has a great future.

8- Sébastien Grax, St, Monaco (loaned to Troyes)
Grax was probably the best young player with Marquis in L2 last year. He’s ambitious, and he didn’t want to ride the bench in Monaco (wise decision). So he was loaned once again to Troyes, but this time, he’ll see L1 time. He’s fast, very technical and very streaky.

9- Bryan Bergougnoux, ST, Toulouse
Bergougnoux is very much like a young Papin. He tries to shoot from everywhere, had a lot of passion and it seems his rockets are guided by his will alone. I could see him score a bunch of goals this year with Toulouse, where he’l finally get playing time.

10- Jérémy Gavanon, GK, Marseille (loaned to Clermont)
He was looking for some playing time and with Barthez for another year in OM, he decided to be loaned. He’s highly touted but we’ll learn more this year.

11- Emerse Fae, DM, Nantes
He’s a very solid DM, and he’s a bit overshadowed by Toulalan. He has good potential though.

12- Pablo Francia, OM, Bordeaux
Francia is a talented midfielder with great touch. I still think he should produce more, so I’d say he’s underachieving, like his whole team.

13- Florant Chaigneau, Gk, Rennes
Chaigneau is IMO ready to start. But he doesn’t have a good relationship with Boloni, his coach, and with Isaksson in front of him, his future doesn’t seem to lie in Rennes.

14- Damien Perquis, D, St Etienne
Voted as L2’s best defenseman last season, Perquis does everything well. He’s also quite a leader for his age.

15- Alexander Farnerud, OM, Strasbourg
Farnerud is so talented that it makes Strasboug so frustrated with how he produces… When he finds consistency, watch out. He does it only by short stretches right now.

16- Jérémy Clément, DM, Lyon
Clément is buried behind Essien, Diarra and Pedretti. But the guy is always good when he has some playing time.

17- Jérémy Berthod, LB, Lyon
Berthod is a dynamic left back with a great spirit. He’s a leader. But unfortunately, he has Abidal and Monsoreau in front of him, two of the best defensemen in L1.

18- Nicolas Fauvergue, St, Lille
Fauvergue is a surprising player really. How much of his play is due to the collective play of his team is unkown. He can score from long range as well as close range. He doesn’t have a big weapon though.

19- Michael Ciani, D, Auxerre (loaned to Sedan)
Ciani is a very physical defenseman that looks for playing time. His loan to Sedan will tell us more about his upside.

20- Stephen Drouin, D, Nantes
Drouin is a solid defenseman that will surely get some playing time this year.

21- Hassan Yebda, OM, Auxerre
He’s a very talented midfielder but didn’t warrant Roux’ trust. We should see him more with Santini.

22- Aimé Lavie, D, Sochaux (loaned to Sete)
This guy was hyped a lot but couldn’t crack Sochaux’ lineup. We’ll see how he fares in L2.

24- Laurent Merlin, DM, Ajaccio
Solid DM. Nothing spectacular.

25- Laurent Lanteri, St, Monaco (loaned to Chateauroux)
I haven’t been very impressed by this guy, but Monaco doesn’t want to lose him at any cost, so there must be something...

UR David Chuimento, OM, Le Mans
Haven’t seen him yet.


1- Arnold Mvuemba, DM, Rennes
MVP of the last Toulon tournament, Mvuemba combines excellent defensive work with great passing. We’ll see more of him in Rennes this year and we’ll know how that works in L1.

2- Ronald Zubar, D, Caen
Zubar was one of the most sought player this summer after his excellent season in L1 last season. Caen’s president said he was untradeable, and denied offers of more than 10M euros. Zubar is a rock defensively, making very few mistakes while being very aware on the offensive side as well.

3- Cristian Rodriguez, OM, PSG
Very highly touted, the young uruguyan will play as Rothen’s sub this year. We’ll see how he fares.

4- Carl Medjani, D, Liverpool
Medjani is a leader and a ery physical player. His header is extremely efficient as well, and he can score a lot on corners.

5- Rudy Haddad, OM, PSG
Haddad is extremely gifted, and he showed that in Toulon. But he has a tough time getting some playing time in Paris. But Fournier should use him this year.

6- Lassana Diarra, DM, Chelsea
Diarra had a good Toulon tournament. He’s solid, very solid, but I don’t think moving to Chelsea is a great choice.

7- Yoann Folly, DM, Southampton
Folly had a great Toulon tournament as well, using his speed to create a lot of danger on the wings. He can play either DM or RM.

8- David Gigliotti, ST, Monaco
Gigliotti is a very efficient striker with a lot of passion. His first pro goal was arguably the best goal in L1 action last year.

9- Jimmy Briand, ST, Rennes
Compared to Henry and Cissé because of his speed and power, he hasn’t proved his worth in the few L1 games he’s seen last year. He should see more time this season though.

10- Steve Mandanda, GK, Le Havre
Was backup last year but he’s pencilled as starter this year. He was very good in Toulon.

11- Taye Taiwo, LB, Marseille
Had an impressive U20 WC and is pencilled as a starter this year for Marseille.

12- Olivier Veigneau, D, Monaco
A guy that was a low profile defenseman but is now hyped a lot after his performance in the Toulon tournament.

13- Daniel Congre, D, Toulouse
Another guy that is highly touted. He could climb up the standings of that generation very fast if he plays good this year in Toulouse where’s he projected as starter.

14- Mathieu Debuchy, DM, Lille
Very complete guy that can play anywhere on the field.

15- Loic Perrin, DM, St Etienne
Solid DM with good upside.

16- Guillaume Plessis, DM, Lens
Could see time this year. A complete DM.

17- Benjamin Psaume, ST, Toulouse
Scored a few nice goals last year. We’ll see how he develops.


1- Youness Kaboul, D, Auxerre
I love the way this guy plays. Calm, full of elegance. A future superstar.
Jean Gallice (U19 national coach) : "An out of the ordinary potential. Powerful, fast, he still needs to work on his short passing, his technique in small spaces and above all, manage his head given his fast stardom".

2- Claudiu Keseru, St, Nantes
A lot of upside for the roumanian striker. I just hope he gets more time because he produces.

3- Yohan Gourcuff, OM, Rennes
Elegance, class, dribbling ability, passing, vision, he has all the qualities.
Gallice : "He's part of the players that are already used to L1, with a great football sense and a good technique. Dangerous on free kicks and corners, he must be consistant in his efforts."

4- Vassikiry Diaby, DM, Auxerre
The new Vieira, with dribbling ability. I will see how he performs in Auxerre, but he was breathtaking in U19 EC.
Gallice : "Another Vieira. Very strong athletically, he is everywhere, with dribbling ability above everyone. He must tone down his individual expression to be more useful in the collective game."

5- Abdoulaye Baldé, St, Amiens
Baldé is fast, he’s strong and he can finish. He’ll be a starter for Amiens in L2.
Gallice : "Powerful with good goal sense. Must focus more on his defensive role."

6- Frank Djadjedje, ST, PSG
The guy is an athlete. Extremely strong, extremely quick, and with huge jumping ability, Djadjedje has only started playing football 5 years ago. He’s a freak of nature, and his physical impact is huge. He’s been scoring a lot with the national selection, and he’s waiting for a few opportunities to shine with PSG.
Gallice : "The prototypical modern football forward. Powerful, explosive, fast and not individualistic. Because of his generosity, he sometimes miss chances despite a good header and a huge right footed shot. He's a player for the future, great in the collective life."

7- Yohan Gouffran, St, Caen
Very gifted player, Gouffran lacks the killer instinct as of now.
Gallice : "Incredible during our qualifying round in Spain, he's very interesting in deep spaces and has a good goal scoring sense. He must work on his technique when he has the back towards the goal."

8- Didier Digard, DM, Le Havre
He’s very similar to Deschamps, a give it all DM, with a lot passin for the game. He’s a real winner.
Gallice : "Vice-captain, he's a dolis player, generous, who takes away a lot of balls. Must be aware that after such a great work taking the ball away, you have to make good passes."

9- Hugo Lloris, GK, Nice
Very calm and solid goalie.
Gallice : "To me, he's a future L1 goalie. A very friendly and intelligent player. Gifted with surprising reflexes, he saved us many times. Against the U20 of Nigeria, the opponent's bench stood up to congratulate him."

10- Rachmane Barry, ST, Marseille
Touted as a future star, Barry has had trouble confirming and cracking OM’s lineup.

11- Babacar Gueye, St, Metz
Gueye played well for a few stretches for Metz, but he has to gain some consistency.

12- Arnaud Lescure, D, Monaco
Solid right back.

13- Yassine Moutaouakil, RB, Chateauroux
Another good right back. Is very technical and has been a starter over Lescure, but I think he has less upside.
Gallice : "Sprinter and marathonian at the same time, he allies generosity and taste for effort. He shows a great competitive spirit. He must only work on his technique when on the move."


1- Hatem Ben Arfa, OM/St, Lyon
Disgustingly gifted. Ben Arfa has been in trouble because of his unwillingness to use his teammates. He seems to have put it together early on, and if it’s the case, then watch out because he can do it all.

2- Samir Nasri, OM, Marseille
Nasri is a very gifted playmaker. He’s an old fashion #10. He’ll be a cornerstone for OM at age 18.

3- Jérémy Menez, St, Sochaux
Was a tossup for the second place, but I thought Nasri had more game breaking ability. Menez is the third extremely gifted 87 player. He started in L1 at age 17, was the youngest player to sign a pro contract, was the youngest player to score a goal in L1 and the youngest player to score a hattrick. Still he was very streaky, and was rather disapointing in the last matches of the season. We’ll see how he rebounds this year.

4-Steven Thicot, D, Nantes
A rock, stay at home Dman. Thicot is THE leader of that golden generation.

5- Ahmed Yahiaoui, DM, Marseille
Yahiaoui is a true OM player, filled with energy and talent. He’s a DM, but can also play LB if needed. He’s disapointed because he hasn’t been given a number this summer, even though he performed well in the games he played last year.

6- Benoit Costil, GK, Caen
Costil is projected as a future national team goalie. He’s tall but gets down quickly.

7- Karim Benzema, ST, Lyon
Heavily talented, he is overshadowed by Menez, Nasri and Ben Arfa. With his work ethic, he could soon be at these guys’ level though.

8- Franck Songo’o, DM, Barcelona
Very talented player, son of goalie Jacques Songo’o. He plays DM in Barca and RM with France. He’s good enough to play winger and makes great crosses.

9- Serge Akapko, D, Auxerre
He’s a rock. Similar to Boumsong (although he doesn’t have the size yet).

10- Alexandre Song-Billong, DM/D, Arsenal/Bastia
I put him here since it’s not sure yet whether he will sign with Arsenal. Song is a very cool guy, very calm and he makes few mistakes. He played a whole year as starting Dman for Bastia.

11- Sandy Paillot, D, Lyon
He’s a very good defenseman, but he was overshadowed by the incredible Thicot with the national team.

12- Rémy Riou, GK, Lyon
Riou is a very good goalie, and would be the started most years. Unfortunately, he has Costil in front of him.

13- Joan Hartock, GK, Lyon
Hartock is a Lama protégé. Just like Riou, he would be a starter for France if not for Costil, and he’s very close to Riou in terms of talent and potential. Hartock is more of an acrobat I’d say.

14- Maxime Josse, D, Sochaux
Josse is a very good defenseman with good passing skills.

15- Eliot Grandin, St, Caen
Gradin has speed to burn and could develop nicely.

UR- Kévin Mirallas, St, Lille
Miralas scored in his only L1 game, so that’s impressive. I don’t know much about him, so we’ll see this year if he has any potential.


UR- Kévin Monnet-Paquet, ST, Lens
Has scored a lot with the national team. He’s highly touted, but I haven’t seen him.


UR- David N’Gog, ST, PSG
N’Gog is another hyped forward. He’s a starter for the national selection. Haven’t seen him play.

UR- Armand Traore, D, Arsenal
Was highly touted as well, haven’t seen him either, and he’s just been bought by Asrenal.

UR- Romain Dedola, OM, Lyon
Dedola is the star of the 89 generation, but I haven’t seen him play yet.

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