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03-10-2011, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Tigers1992 View Post
Im well aware.

I was referencing the Thunder Bay Kings to what the Sudbury Wolves are now, and to what the program could become.

There is some issues from the locals about the Wolves program, or so ive been told.

In addition to the Sudbury program, id love to see the GNML put together an all star team, starting next year for 96's. Have them play in major tournaments like the Marlboros, Titans, Silver Stick and maybe a another select few. In between the tournament, they would play on their GNML teams. No different for the releases that CHL teams give to their players for U17-U20 tournaments.

The constant act of throwing a random team together 2-3 days before the OHL Cup does not really work in my opinion, and perhaps having this all star team would help the development of players in the NOHA.
I agree with this for sure. This NOHA tea goes on the ice together 3 times on the Monday and Tuesday and then are expected to compete the next day against all these top teams who have been together the whole year, if not YEARS before this.

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