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03-10-2011, 10:35 AM
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I'm sorry but anyone on these boards or in general who thinks that video taping sexual encounters with underaged females and distributing it on the interest is something that "boys do" or "when we were in highschool etc" is just pathetic.

No one is branding him for life, I am sure he has learnt from his mistake and will continue to learn from it. But to say that its overblown is just wrong. Choosing to have sex with someone is one thing, but filming it and distributing it without consent is just plain pathetic, and anyone who thinks its right is just as pathetic.

This isn't the typical highschool prank where you toilet paper someones house etc. Just plain wrong.

With that said, I will not use these actions to decide whether or not it is a good signing. As has been mentioned already in the thread, people make mistakes, face the consequences and move on.

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