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Originally Posted by Blue Line Monster View Post
Why would he need to change anything? He's obviously been very successful with his style. Even if you think he's "brutalized by every deflection," if he's still one of the most consistent goalies in the league and has what, top 3 stats since the lockout, he obviously stops more of every other type of shot than other goalies, so I don't see the problem.

Just because you say he's outplayed every single game doesn't make it true. You seem to be the only one that sees that.

Everyone else can see that we make it incredibly easy for the other goalie, which is why even goalies with below .900 save %'s have good games against us. We rarely have anyone screening the goalie which also makes it so nobody's there to put in rebounds. On most point shots the Duck's took they had a guy down low screening Lundqvist and another guy near there as well which makes our defenders have to also stand there, since they never clear the crease, which is why every shot was pinballing off of someone.

I have no idea how you don't see this, instead, after every game you see Henrik was "outplayed."

I think the fact that in another post you were comparing backup goalies to starters shows how much you understand the game.
he's not outplayed every game. He wasn't outplayed in Philly for instance. But, how many has he stolen this year? Be honest. A handful? It's also easier to screen a goalie when he is so deep in the net. There is simply more room for opposing forwards to maneuver. How many times in the last 15 years (and it pains me to say this) have we seen Fat Marty come out and meet the screener at the top of the crease or above and eliminate both the screen and the deflection? Too many to count. His style works to a point because he's a great athlete. But your D cannot eliminate every screen and every stick in front. The goalie must be able to stop some of these deflections and he's not and it's killing us.

Are we a playoff team? Probably not. But Torts gets alot of grief on this blog as does Gilroy and Wolski and Gabby and others. And they deserve some, but the over the top love for Hank is blinding some of you and making it impossible to call him out when he underperforms. And he's underperforming. That third goal was deflected way up high; there was time to adjust. The second goal that hit Staal's butt Hank was not in position. He was too far to the left, was he screened? Maybe, but it's the goalie's job to find the puck and get in position and that shot in hockey terms was in the air for a long time. The first one cannot be blamed on him. If he's great then he needs to play great and he's not.

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