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03-10-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Feel better? Hardly. I just wanted to emphazise how terrible that shot really was, even if you saw it from the start.

Because of games like these, it's not hard to look like a Hank apologist. Now, it was mostly just one lost soul who felt he started to hack on Hank after this game, but posts like your own adds up.

And speaking of "stepping up", when your team basically allows one extra goal per game from deflections off your own players because they have an urge to try to block everything they see, it's pretty hard to look good in net, since your statz (the number one way - and in too many causes the only way - in here to leave the verdict if the goalie plays well or not in here) will plummet. I think I've said it about 2 million times on this board, if the team doesn't allow your goalie to perform, in the long run he won't. He can't beat two teams in the same game. The defense has to consistently be at least at an NHL average. With a young team - and specifically young defense - the performances will obviously be inconsistent.

If you're not 100% sure you can block the shot, GET THE **** OUT OF THE WAY! Don't screen your own goalie and for **** sake, don't deflect it into your own net because of the "yeah, we're #1 in shot blocking and want to keep it that way" mentality. And don't even get me started on the "softies" around here. Basically every goal is considered a softie by at least 5 people. Or if Lundqvist simply allows too many goals than what is considered acceptable, regardless how they happened, he is "outplayed" or "bad" or "needs to be traded."

I critizise Hank. But it just happens that I critizise Hank when it is clearly his fault. Not because he allows any goal, because he allowed "too many" goals or simply because the team lost.
I agree with you, has Lundqvist been bad? No. Has he been great? No. It just seems he's the victim of circumstances far too often. With that being said, he needs to be the best Ranger every game and having your goalie be the best player is a recipe for disaster

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