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03-10-2011, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by remer View Post
What is sad is the stupidity of this whole situation.

Getting the police to investigate a body check that lead to an interferrence call.

Wanting criminal charges gainst Chara?

Air canada threatening to pull out. Come on. Bettman is laughing at Air Canada.

The pure hatred shown by Hab fans towards another player and entire organization and the league.

Petitioning and going over the top because it is a Montreal Canadien player.

Where was everyone when David Booth, Marc Savard, Sidney Crosby, Paul Karyia, Brad Stuart were injuryed because of a true blind side hit.
Didn't hear a peep from you than.

How about lobbying in a professional manner and asking the league to look at the stanchions of hockey rinks to prevent injurys.
Look just because it's disingenuous doesn't mean all of the sudden nothing should be done. It's a shame it took one of our players to get hurt for anybody to stand up and say something, period.

In any event I think the fan bases of other teams that support this kind of junk or said/did nothing when their player got hurt are doing a lot more damage overall to the sport than being disingenuous is.

Sure it took Pacioretty getting hurt for a lot of people on here to care, I've always cared and thought guys like Cooke have no place in the NHL. That hits like the one we saw when you clearly target a player should be illegal hits. Just because others are disingenuous doesn't mean ****. I don't get what some people are trying to gain by saying we're being disingenuous, that isn't the point. Sure people are but the point is it should never have gotten this far, the NHL should have done their job in the first place and protected the players.

Who gives a rats ass what the reasoning behind this uproar of fans is, the point is somebody is finally standing up for their beliefs and if it's such a load of crap I doubt Air Canada etc would be involved.

Originally Posted by Strik_IX View Post
What's even more sad is the fact that people like you ask such questions. Finally people stand up and do something about it, looking back and saying: "Well, you didn't do it then, so why do it now?" is just being pig headed and against change.

Do you want this kind of **** to go on or not?

We're doing something about it and we're doing it now. Maybe people should've done it before. This time it happened in Montreal and we just showed we care.

Not happy about it? Not one of us gives a ****, because in the long run, we have an impact.
Didn't see your post but this is basically what I'm saying. Who gives a flying **** who did or didn't say what then or why they didn't. That isn't the point and posters saying that might as well just call it a day imo. It's as dumb and irrelevant comment as a poster could make given the context of the situation.

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