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Originally Posted by Patccmoi View Post
If you cross-check someone from behind and his head goes flying in the board, clearly the board landed the hit, not the player. Or the ice after he fell face first on it.

Either way, the cross-check didn't hurt the head and didn't cause the concussion.

Pretty simple logic no? Bettman thinks it makes sense anyway.

Bettman already classified Chara on Pacioretty's hit as an accident. Cooke on Savard? No suspension, it's an accident. Richards on Booth? No suspension, it's an accident. Crosby? Was there a suspension? Ofc not, it was an accident.

It's pretty easy for him to raise the accident count of his little Excel file.

Seriously though it's ridiculous. If the league had treated the Bertuzzi incident like this people would've been calling for peoples heads. They wouldn't be saying "Well he should've watched the way his head hit the ice, that was his fault"

This is essentially what people have been saying in Chara's defense. Oh Max should've known where he was. Okay so Max is supposed to ***** foot and not play like the professional athlete he is because an ogre is on the ice? He's supposed to just lay down and take the loss like a good boy? **** that pisses me off. The NHL has basically said "Any team that isn't tough like Philly or Boston, don't play your game, just sit back and lose or else if one of your players gets injured they're to blame".

It's like when a hot girl in some tight clothes gets ***** and you always hear the one moron who came out of the wood work saying "It's her own fault, she shouldn't have gone to a club dressed like that". Only difference is it isn't just one idiot, it's several.

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