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Originally Posted by GLG View Post
PONDER: "If you're asking if the TPS Tkachuk is identical to the Pm9/Forsberg/Zetterberg/etc., from GLG's above pic it looks very close to me."

It's close in terms of the curve starts in the same place but as you go towards the toe TKACHUK is straighter whereas the Modano/PM9 is rounded. Someone at "Just Hockey" told me TPS was using the Tkachuk to copy the Easton Modano with a slight tweak (straight towards the toe). Why did TPS stop making this version of the Tkachuk... doh!
While not absolutely, 100% identical, it is incredibly close. Most "clones" are slightly different from brand to brand (for example, there are small difference between my Bauer P88 and Easton Iginla), but when curves are so similar it hardly matters. I'd be very surprised if there was any sort of noticeable difference in performance/feel between the two, especially with a ball, unless the lies/rockers are significantly different (impossible to tell from the angle shown in these photos, but should be very easy to check in real life by just holding the blades against each other). If the lie/rocker is similar the tiny difference in the curves should be nothing you can't adjust to almost instantly. If you have trouble finding Tkacuks in the future you should be able to easily switch to a Zetterberg/PM9 (again, assuming similar lie/rocker).

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