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Originally Posted by Chris G View Post
There comes a point in time where this stuff has to stop...not fighting in hockey or hitting like a bunch of people are exaggerating, but these illegal hits. Crosby was one that really got me going on this issue, head shot or hit from behind... I strongly believe you have to be consistent in these matters to get a point across. This is something that the NHL have missed the boat on a countless amount of times. Just think you have to be in the situation, or have had it occur to you to realize how severe some of these hits end up being> I think of a good guy like Marc Savard, who is nearing the end of his career because of these blatant hits. Sometimes I think maybe if it was Bettman getting "McSorley'd" instead of Brashear then there would be a more severe take on some of these hits.
If two guys want to drop the gloves and fight, go ahead. They know the risks, and no one is forcing them to fight. Clean body checks, shoulder to shoulder, hip checks, none of which target the head, are great. But the league could have sent a message when Thornton blind sided Perron earlier in the year. Thornton got 2 games, and Perron hasn't played since. Had they given Thornton 10 - 15 games, for a hit they have been repeatedly telling the players not to make, a real message would've been sent. I think the league and the NHLPA because they are a part of this too, really don't want to suspend players. I have no other explanation.

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