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03-10-2011, 03:44 PM
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Totally wrong. The NHL has proven itself incapable of policing its own sport. Truth is, our league is a joke. Hockey is the greatest sport and yet it's a joke. This "boys will be boys" and "we take care of our own" BS is what's killing this game.

In no other team sport is fighting tolerated. You don't think tempers flair on the football field? And this bs about how if we take away fighting, the stick work will escalate exponentially is so maddeningly dumb. The NHL treats its players like they're brain dead robots devoid of the ability to make judgments. God forbid we require that our barely educated Canadian farmboys pull up before slamming a hated opponent's head into the glass, because our sport is just too fast and our players are just too dumb to be able to do so. We certainly can't ask them to refrain from fighting because, well, you know, they're incapable of controlling their emotions. You wouldn't prevent two gorillas beating on each other at the zoo, would you?

This league has proven that they're incapable of protecting the players and boosting up the integrity of its sport. Time to get NON HOCKEY people in the position to make judgments on vicious and borderline criminal hits, and time to get the "good old boy network" especially neanderthals like Colin Campbell out of there.

I seriously hope that a criminal investigation is launched into this and I hope that Air Canada pulls its support for the league and I hope that Patches' family launches a civil law suit. Enough is enough. Let's not wait until somebody dies.

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Basically Felger(Boston) asked where the outrage and investigations were when Lapierre took out Nichol, Max Pac took out Eaton, Kostopolous took out whoever it was etc.

Felger said the fact that people are calling the police over a hockey check is ridiculous yahooism.......the Montreal guys were trying to focus more on the issue at hand and dodging the questions on the hits in which Montreal players were the aggressor.

Both sides made fair points, but we all knew it wouldn't end well.

My opinion as a Bruins fan - I expected Chara to get 2 games maximum, but I agree with the league ruling for the most part and I would have been fine with Chara getting a couple sucks about Pacioretty and I wish him a full recovery, nobody wants to see an injury like that to anybody. I do feel like the police involvement is going too far - this wasn;t an attack like McSorley on Brashear or like Bertuzzi on Moore.

It certainly made for interesting radio - good luck guys, see u in the playoffs

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