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03-10-2011, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by AdamGravesNight View Post
Torts doesn't use excuses, he calls it like it is. I doubt he gets fired this year, as he's in a D'Antoni-like spot. Next year he'll need to make the playoffs though.
Next year - NYR fans favorite year of them all !

Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
Very debatable that we even make the playoffs that season if Renney isn't fired. The team was in a major tailspin, Torts turned it around and we almost stunned a heavily favored Caps team. I'm no fan of the water bottle theatrics, but other than that he did a great job.
Revisionist history. Great job is an overstatement, especially considering Torts was afforded the two things Renney kept saying he needed that year(while he was 8 wins over .500) - size down the middle and another veteran Dman.

Originally Posted by gravytrain6t View Post
and a rejuvenated Jagr, jones'n over the new NHL. He was spoiled and didn't get his way in Washington. But hey, that Renney is a nice guy. He let Jagr play however he wanted too with all of his Czech buddies so he would never feel home sick like he did with the Pens.

Yea, It was fun having arguably the best right winger in the history of the game for only a couple of years until inevitably, he got too old. Moreover, he was kept happy because as I said, Renney is a hell of nice guy. So nice, that he didn't employ his stingy defensive system (yet) like the coach in Washington had the balls to play despite what Jagr wanted.

He was a stubborn coach who wouldn't give in to Jagr's demands ("they didn't utilize my tools there" Jagr explained). Renney did (although I'm sure he knew it would only last short term), and than waited until later, when Jagr, Straka, and other aging stars were gone before implementing the same system Jagr grudgingly played under while in Washington. So we had a couple of 2nd round exits for a few years until Jagr had nothing left.

Renney and Jagr did keep us mediocre while the stubborn staff in Washington took a different route, sacrificing having too possibly go through one or two poor seasons (without an aging Jagr who only had 2 or 3 good years left and he, Straka, and Nylander were certainly not the type players you're looking to build a team around for the betterment of the franchise's future) before drafting Backstrom and Ovechkin.
More revisionist history.

Sather kept us mediocre, how this is not understood by now is just lunacy.

Renney, like Torts, tried to win with what he had, and at the same time afford the right time and space to all the kids making a difference on TODAYS team. He didn't perform miracles, but you make it seem like his tenure here was a waste, when in fact it was exactly what the franchise needed. And THAT is what some fans don't understand, nor have patience for, when its about building a winner.

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