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03-10-2011, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Well, it's good to see Murray do something right for a change. And this isn't directed at you in particular, but I wish memories around here went back a little more than a day or so. Ten days ago, after Quick's last performance against Detroit at home, there was anything but the complete confidence in him that people apparently have now. The sentiment was more along the lines of "we gotta give him a start to restore his confidence", to give Quick a pity start I guess? Then a week ago, Bernier shuts out Phoenix, and the talk is anything BUT "Quick is our guy". And now, it's a big issue that Bernier stars against Columbus? Amazing how one game can completely change the mindset.

Also, look over at the other thread started in here - the "hey guys I want Detroit in the playoffs, we'll sweep them lulz" thread. I mean, come the **** on. Where's the memory around here? Detroit absolutely kicked the Kings' ***es in L.A. no more than a week and a half ago, it wasn't a "fluke win" at all. And now, after a win by the skin of their teeth, the Kings are suddenly ready to handle Detroit easily in the playoffs? That Detroit isn't to be feared anymore? Might want to check some recent playoff history on that one; take a second to check the standings, also.

... Is this the same league that said Smyth scored with a high stick in Ottawa? Okay. But whatever, I saw the puck go in off of Brown and I'm glad to come away with the win regardless. The NHL can give the winning goal to Westgarth for all I care.
Yeah I agree, I do think Quick should have a start vs Columbus, purely to get some momentum going for the Kings in this stretch run. I think Bernie should have gotten the Stars game, but I do understand Murray's point about his goalie schedule.

Also think it's a little early to be talking crap about teams we might face in the playoffs, particularly the Red Wings. I respect that organization too much to crap on them like that. I wouldn't want to face Detroit in the first round, as there is a lot of playoff experience on that squad.

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