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Originally Posted by enviro61 View Post
That's your opinion, what have you based it upon. Share with me your experiences.
I've constantly had great experiences. I've never had an issue going to emerge or what not. None of my family has ever had issues either. My dad fell off a ladder a few years ago, and I've never seen such amazing care in my life. And my family lived in the states for a while, when I was little, and my mom says its the worst care she's ever seen. No one would even see her or the kids, simply because my parents were not making good money. I was supposed to be born in the states, but my parents drove 18 hours back to Canada when my mom went into early labour, simply so she could ensure I was going to be ok, and not bankrupt my family.

I do agree, that there are some places in Europe that have better health care, and thats because of where they allocate the money. They have better triage, they have better public health care, and they have better incentives. For example, in Milan they gave nurses/docs a bonus for good hand hygiene. They ended up cutting back their hospital acquired infections by about 65%. So they saved HUGE! Not saying that nurses should get bonuses for doing their job. But thats simply an example.

As well as some countries having doc's aids to help with things. So they can deal with little things, while the docs take all serious issues.

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