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03-10-2011, 06:13 PM
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I worked for Sony for a long time, and here's my suggestion. First I should say that I did not sell gaming consoles. I worked in the Consumer Electronics division, which included everything but game consoles and phones.

If I was you, I'd either try to find someone to repair it for less....or buy a new console.

I don't think it's worth spending near $200 to repair or get a refurb, when a new one will cost you only $300. I don't know all the feature differences between your old 2007 console and the new PS3 Slim, but unless there's a feature on your old one that you use, that's not on the new console.....I'd buy a new one.

The new one will come with a full manufacturers warranty as well, which is probably another reason to go new.

If you can get it fixed somewhere locally for say $100, I'd probably have it repaired.

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