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10-12-2003, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Splatman Phanutier
I can see where most people are coming from (I actually had him 5th) but with Sutter's comments about how the 3 essential players for the team are Iginla, Regehr and Gauthier, that tells you alot about what he's worth to the team. As per mentioned on a previous post, Gauthier was on the ice for the last minute of the game last night, down by a goal - which shows that the coaching staff have alot of confidense in him.
That is true (assuming you mean up by a goal ) One reason they may play him less is 'cause he doesn't have the offensive abilities to get PP time which would limit his ice time, obviously the Lydman-Ference or Leopold-Regehr combo's are gonna get the PP time over the Warrener-Gauthier combo, which could lead to their overall higher icetimes, I must say I was much more impressed with him and Warrener last night than the first night.

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