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03-10-2011, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by jefferiah View Post
I am not saying its right, nor am I on Bettman's side. I am just saying you will be hard-pressed to find a leader who would do that unless he was forced by public opinion to throw his staff under the bus.
Bettman is the one that put himself in that position. The man doesn't even know what hockey is. I'm sorry, but he doesn't. This man is a dog. He would kneel down and crawl for money. That's all he cares about. Not only that, but he has a tremendous ego and refuses to admit defeat when it comes to his decision to move Canadian teams into ridiculous US areas such as phoenix.

He let things deteriorate, year after year.

Anybody remembers the article of Tyler Dellow? Not sure you can find it online anymore but I have a copy on my desktop. Bettman had a clear opportunity to clean some of the people in place when there were emails leaked that showed how Campbell acted in such unprofessional ways regarding officiating. Name calling referees, talking about his son which showed incredible bias. No man in Campbell's position should have ever conducted himself as was shown in the emails. It was ridiculous and embarrassing. I was quite surprised that nothing really came from this news that was truly incredible to me.
Bettman showed full support and passed it on as nothing.

The man is a pure imbecile and let things get worst.

I'm very glad to see other players, sponsors, politicians, police and media outlets taking things more seriously.
This isn't about Chara, or Lucic, or MaxPac. This is about completely incompetent personnel in charge of the NHL and killing the sport I have been in love with since I could walk.

There is a fine line between not publicly throwing your staff under the bus and backing up their every move.

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