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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
I'm 6'4" and for my size have short legs. Most of my height comes from my torso which is very tall, so much so that I have to get "tall" shirts whenever I buy clothing.

2 weeks ago I fell forward and cracked a rib, and bruised several others. The ones that were injured were between where my Shoulder pads end, and my pants begin, as on me there is actually a good sized gap.

Are there any shoulder pads that have longer chest protection? Should I look at something like the Farrell pads which I have read about people getting made extra long, or modifying themselves to make longer.

Just trying to avoid this injury again, and any suggestions would be helpful.
I'm also 6'4" I have some CCM shoulder pads which have a special belly extension (for defensemen who block shots), they're also fairly wide around the ribs. I'm out of town right now and I don't know the model number but I bet if you look at their website some of their higher-end stuff will have this feature (probably other manufacturers as well). (I bought mine years ago anyway so I'm sure they're not produced anymore.)

Another thing you could try maybe is throwing on a pair of lacrosse rib protectors underneath your shoulder pads if you can't find anything better.

P.S. I also use extra-long pants so I don't have any huge gaps in my torso protection but it sounds like this wouldn't work for you as you said you have (relatively) short legs.

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