Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Kings @ Blue Jackets
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03-11-2011, 12:10 AM
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That is like saying that today's Habs are the greatest hockey team of all time.

So wait, your correcting me the guy who couldn't care less about hoops for not knowing that Boston has won as much or close to as much or less championships then LA? I take it as a compliment good sir.

And how did you get a picture of my uncle?

Come to think of it, why? He hates hoops more than I do.

March Madness is the most aptly named championship series that there could ever be.

But to those who love the hoops then go get it and enjoy it all. I am not critical of the people who follow it, just the game itself although I will say that College hoops are at least somewhat more interesting to me then proball is but again, I'd rather be busy with other things than watch either. I will support the Lakers being from L.A. but that's about it.

Oh and the Clippers are San Diego's team.

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