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Originally Posted by ILUVTHISGAME View Post
So let me ask you: What's so wrong with change beginning now? The Habs fan base is huge...a louder voice to be heard. We have the power to make this happen.
Nothing is wrong with it beginning now. It begun a long time ago. You will be very pissed off if you expect the battle to won right now though. It will not happen that fast. If you want things to happen you have to convince people. We do have the power. But we have to be smart about it, too, or else we will get dismissed as one fanbase pissed off about one hit.

As for the Chara incident itself, I think it was wrong. But we have to move on. Even if you could change the leadership in the NHL by tomorrow morning, they are not going to go back and give a suspension after the fact.

We have to be prepared for the future though. There is another game against the Bruins.

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