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Originally Posted by blahblah3 View Post
Ya those are private clinics. The lack of MRIs, and waiting times which are idiotic and getting worse, over crowded hospitals with people waiting for beds out in the halls, hospitals which are old and falling apart (Queensway Carleton) simply are not a problem in the states. The cancer treatments being offered down there are not available anywhere else, due to the fact they do far more research than us.

Any ranking that puts the quality of US care above Canada is due to the fact that ours is covered, not because it is of comparable overall quality.
Go to a hospital in poor area of the U.S., read about it beofre you just say every hospital in the U.S. is state of the art. Many many hospitals in every major city in the U.S. Canadians would probably consider third world, the U.S. health care system is not just one thing, like everyhting else in the U.S. it it reflects economic status, if you are rich, you're hospital is state of the art, if you are poor or working class you are getting second rate care by doctors who have limited resources and are wroking under horrible conditions in a decrepid hospital.

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