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03-11-2011, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by leafempire187 View Post mature of you....
You asked for thoughts, if you don't want my thoughts, don't ask for them.

Coming from someone who isn't a fan of either team though is actually a fan of most of the players involved as I've followed them all from their Montreal farm days and UFA signs so I'll break down a more detailed analysis of your ridiculous trade proposal which prompted my equally fitting ridiculous response.

From TML:

Undrafted 2-way bottom6 player overpaid and unsiged RFA. He'll probably be filing for arbitration and you'll need to contend with that as well as any qualifying offers just to ensure you get to keep him or else he may just walk as a UFA. Not to mention, he's not even that good, he's just a bottom 6 guy, which Dallas has plenty of.

Mike Komisarek, Once a solid stay at home defender. He signed a huge deal as a UFA, one that a PMD and a PPQB usually signs, but Burke felt that a shutdown guy was worth the money. His 4.5m hit is lower than his 5.5 million salary next season and Dallas doesn't have extra cash to play around with. Ownership is looking to save money, NOT spend it. His salary doesn't drop up-side-down until the year after that. To top it off, ever since he picked a fight with Milan Lucic and got man handled, he's never been the same and has looked more like Wade Redden. His value has been plummeting ever since.

A 3rd round pick just add insult. It's like saying "I know I'm not adding enough but I'm too cheap to add my first or second so I'm going to add my third".

Then and this is the kicker, for the mediocre package of mush, do you ask for Scott Gomez? Nah, Chris Drury? Nah... Nope you ask for Mike Ribiero, someone who is on a great contract and has legit #1 Center talent.....get a clue.

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