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03-11-2011, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Romans12_12 View Post
Also, here is a video by Steven Crowder (a Canadian living in the USA) who goes back to Canada to do an uncover video of what its like to get treatment if your sick or injured.

In the video he goes with his friend to a clinic to get a blood test. The nurse tells him they don't do it at the clinic and to call someplace and get a family doctor, he said he has been trying for three months already and she replies that it could take him several years to get a doctor!!!

She finally suggests that he go to a pay facility where he can get it done for $900.

This to me is insane. You can call a blood lab in the morning and get an appointment that afternoon for a blood test. If you need a family doctor, pick one out of the phone book and call. You will have an appointment the next day, regardless if you have insurance or not.

Maybe he should try to wiretap the phones of some Democratic Senators next!

And in Canada you can go to a blood lab, ask for a test and get it probably all within the same day. So the guy in the video is obviously a liar.

I've had numerous blood tests done and I never had to get an OK from my family doctor.

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