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03-11-2011, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
The entire dynamic of the team changes if you add Richards to it. It may not be enough to make them the best team in the league, but it's enough to make them a team that is right in the mix with the rest of the top teams in the conference. It makes the players that play with Richards MUCH bigger threats, and it makes everyone else that gets shifted down a line to a more appropriate role more dangerous because they then face a lower level of opposition.

Richards alone is the difference between having a first line and not having a first line, and that's a huge deal. That makes your team so much more dangerous, and he makes your PP a threat, something that it is not without him.

I don't buy the Hossa comparison, because Hossa is not Richards. Goalscorers, even ones like Hossa that are also very solid away from the puck and good passers, just don't have the ability to completely a change a team the way an elite playmaker does. Richards is not th eover the top piece. He's the heavy lifting one.

Don't forget also that if Gaborik is on the ice with Richards, not only will Gaborik's offensive output increase, but he'll probably suffer a lot less physical punishment because now someone who actually should be carrying the puck will be the focus of the attention. You can't hit a guy when he doesn't have the puck and the only time the puck should be on Gaborik's stick is for the second or two before he shoots it.
couldnt of said it better myself...richards changes the whole look of this team

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