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Originally Posted by cassius
How long did it take for you to pick up skating?

What steps did you take before joining a rec league or whatever?
marios comeback inspired me to learn...i was about 22. i started by wearing a pair of cheap roller blades around my apartment after work everyday just to get the feeling of skating down. once i felt comfortable keeping my balance and making turns etc., i bought gloves and a stick and started playing pickup in-line hockey. i pretty much learned the game and the skills and skating with inline and that lasted a whole summer ~3-4 months. before i even stepped on the ice, i learned how to do backwards crossovers and skate backwards at good rates of speed all using in-line skates.

then i bought hockey equipment and joined an adult "D" league and learned the game on ice. ice skating vs. roller blading there are some subtle differences, but personally, i think ice skating is much easier. stopping is easier and you can take turns harder. after about 2 years of playing ice on a fairly regular basis (3 times per month), i got to the point where i was a D league all-star and moved up to C and held my own...

i would guess if you have any athleticism at all and you play regularly, you should be able to be a solid player in 2 or 3 years... ONE WORD OF ADVICE: when you buy hockey equipment and learn to ice skate, PUSH YOURSELF. don't ease into it and go slow, but rather go faster than you may be comfortable with and don't be afraid of falling. with equipment on, falling won't hurt, and you will find by learning this way your learning curve will be much steeper and you'll learn faster.

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