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03-11-2011, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by BamBam1031 View Post
You guys are funny. Wound up so tight you can't even put aside your interwebz attitudes to accept a compliment. Hope you guys aren't like this in real life.

It's not a "disclaimer." Imagine if you couldn't stand Brown, but he scores a SO goal nice enough that you'd come over to our boards to say so. That's where I'm coming from, and that's exactly what I stated. No more, no less. I didn't denigrate your guy in the least. Rather the opposite, I think.

Relax, and take a compliment for what it is, in the spirit of which it was given.
For balance, I'll say that I'm cool with your post. Don't understand why, but GDT's seem to be the domain of the hardcore homer fan with little tolerance for outsiders.

Also probably alot of us that don't mind it and choose not to respond.

We all have players we "hate" around the league, for some reason or another. Not sure if we could overlook these hot sports opinions to applaud when these hated guys do something impressive.

FWIW, Brown could only dream to execute anything close to what Ribeiro can on the SO. More likely to be commended would be a sweet open ice hit (if only it were Brown's rookie year).

... and I just had to post this...

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