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Originally Posted by William H Bonney View Post
Nope. But we're not talking about some kid here that's coming off of battling teenagers every night and maturing both physically and emotionally whilst trying to carve out a career in the NHL. Westy is already emotionally and physically mature. He's already played a more demanding role for 4 years of professional hockey since he's given more responsibility and is less of a liability at the AHL level. Westgarth's role in the NHL is to skate north and then south for 5 minutes and maybe get into a staged fight. Sure, with experience he'll get a little better at the NHL level but never enough to justify him playing in so many games.

I don't think people are comparing Clifford and Westgarth just merely using Clifford as an example to show a player that can effectively alter the flow of a game or instill fear in another team because A) he's a good hockey player that can keep up with the play and thus be involved; and B) he can and will fight anyone.

The pro-goon crowd is always using the cliche that Westy allows, from the bench, our guys to play free or somehow prevents opponents from going after our players when there's no evidence to support that. The only guys that are going to fight Westy are the designated goons from other teams in staged fights like we saw earlier. Why? Because for one the trade-off doesn't make sense unless it's goon-for-goon. And Westy is rarely involved in the play. He never gets into heat of the moment scraps because he's usually the last guy showing up to a scrum trying to initiate something after the fact with someone who knows better than to fight a terrible hockey player. But with Clifford they'll take notice.

It's more just an argument that we need more guys like Clifford to up the ante on team toughness while guys like Westy are just a facade and tip of the cap to a bygone era.
I know this is an A B discussion so excuse my intrusion.

I will only state that if Westgarth did not fight, he would never play a single game in the NHL and possibly AHL.

if Clifford did not fight, he would still be in the NHL.

Fighting adds a small component to Clifford's game that makes him more attractive. It's like a hot chic with a nice personality that can also cook.

Westgarth's entire merit is based on fighting. That's like an ugly chic whose only worth is...well, you get the point.

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