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03-11-2011, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Agreed that is TM's blame either way and that is an exceptional position for a debate. Has the game changed enough to where the old school enforcer has a place in it.

The obvious answer is that as long as one team has an enforcer then another team will to protect themselves regardless of how right or wrong that line of thinking may be and as such as long as those two teams have one then so will the rest.

Does Westgarth go out and intimidate? Maybe not like he did in Manch but then, he was given more time down there and while it is debatable, I think that given the ice time and brought along in the right manner that he might make a much better showing.

The other thing is that it is next to impossible to gage how effective enforcers are in todays NHL. You never really know if someone is thinking that they will or won't do something out of fear of retribution any longer in my opinion.

I would also add that I don't think that TM has the slightest clue of how to use an enforcer and that might be due to the fact that the game has changed.

The bottom line to me though is that if he were costing us games or such a truly horrible player then it would be reflected in the stats and it isn't so far. I am not saying that we are better with him at all but I am looking at the player and placing realistic expectations on him based on the amount of time he is given and what his role is for the team.
Ok, I'll bite.

Who is Detroit's enforcer?

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