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With our 12th selection, the 477th overall selection in this year All-Time draft, the Detroit Falcons are extremely please to select RW/C Vladimir Ivanovich Vikulov

Russian Name: Владимир Викулов
Nickname: Slalom Racer
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 176 lbs
Position: Right Wing / Centre
Shoots: Left
Date of Birth: July 20, 1946
Place of Birth: Moscow , USSR

Soviet League Champion (1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979)
Soviet League Finalist (1967, 1969)
Soviet First All-Star Team (1970, 1971, 1972)
Soviet Second All-Star Team (1967, 1968, 1969)
Soviet Third All-Star Team (1966)
Best Sniper Award (1972)
Trud Daily Award (Best Line) (1972)
Olympics Gold Medalist (1968, 1972)
IIHF WEC-A Gold Medalist (1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1975)
IIHF WEC-A Silver Medalist (1972)
IIHF WEC-A Bronze Medalist (1976)
IIHF WEC-A All Star Team1 (1971, 1972)
Russian Hockey Hall of Fame (1967)
1- The best 3 forwards were selected on the team, independently of their respective position

Domestic League:

No Data:
Game Played: 1965-1967
Assists: 1965-1971
Penalty minutes: 1965-71

Top-10 Scoring (2th, 2th, 4th, 6th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 9th, 10th)
Top-10 Goalscoring (1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 10th, 10th)
Top-10 Assists (2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th, 8th)

- His scoring finishes are affected negatively due to not having his assists record from the 1964-65 season to the 1970-71 season

International Games:

(Exhibition Game, Olympics & World Championship)
Games by Opposing Countries
United States1512
West Germany1414
East Germany65

World Championship:

# ParticipationGPGAPTSPIM
No Data:
Assists: 1975

Years in Detail:

1971-7210121st (+8.3%)417th162nd0
1974-755614thX X 0


In the 1960's and 1970's, no professional hockey player from North America were playing in the Olympics. Therefore, the World Championship and the Olympics should be viewed as equal tournaments in term of quality.

# ParticipationGPGAPTSPIM

Years in Detail:

19687232nd101st (+30%)122nd2

Other Tournament:

1972 Summit Series

1974 Summit Series
- Results versus his own teammate only

1976 Canada Cup

Awards Nomination:

Most Valuable Player

- The award was first presented in the 1967-68 season
- Outside the top-5, no information was available for the 1967-68 and 1968-69 season

Top-10 MVP of the 1970s
1Valeri Kharlamov
2Vladislav Tretiak
3Alexander Maltsev
4Boris Mikhailov
5Vladimir Vikulov
6Vladimir Petrov
7Valery Vasiliev
8Alexander Yakushev
9Helmut Balderis
10Vladimir Shadrin

Originally Posted by
Vladimir Vikulov was an extremely skillful and creative forward with slick stick handling, impressive 1-on-1 techniques, rapid and accurate shots on goal and well-catered assists on goals scored by his partners.

Many famous players enjoyed the opportunity to play in one line with Vikulov considered one of the best Soviet playmakers in the 1960's and 1970's. The list of his career linemates included such world class individuals as Anatoly Firsov and Victor Polupanov, Valery Kharlamov and Alexander Maltsev, Boris Alexandrov and Victor Zhluktov.

Overall, Vikulov was arguably one of the classiest Soviet forwards.
Originally Posted by Arthur Chidlovski
5. Valery Kharlamov - Anatoly Firsov - Vladimir Vikulov
Team USSR and CSKA
Early 1970s

They didn't play very long together. One of the top offensive lines of the late 1960s, Firsov-Polupanov-Vikulov lost its center. Legendary Tarasov tried various players to replace Polupanov. Finally, he added Kharlamov to the famous linemates. "We didn't have to explain much to Valery," remembered Firsov. "It just clicked." Born out of Tarasov's experiments and attempts to extend hockey career of aging Red Army stars, the line is mostly remembered for its performance at the '72 Olympics. With Tarasov's retirement, Firsov left Team USSR and the Kharlamov-Maltsev-Vikulov line at the '72 Summit Series was a quick fixer-upper for a promising line.

6. Boris Alexandrov - Victor Zhluktov - Vladimir Vikulov
Team USSR and CSKA
Mid 1970s

They were the second line with the Red Army club and, briefly, with Team USSR in the 1970s. Small and speedy, Alexandrov had a promising scoring touch. Never mind his small size - no giant defenseman was an authority to Alexandrov when he was free-wheeling to the net. Vikulov had great soft hands and incredible playmaking talent. Zhluktov was not a magnificent player but served as a very solid and reliable backbone of the line.
Originally Posted by Legends of Hockey
During the Summit Series of 1972 that pitted Canadian professionals against Russian counterparts, the most dangerous Soviet line was comprised of Vladimir Vikulov, Alexander Matsev and Valeri Kharlamov.
Originally Posted by
One of the best Russian playmakers of the 1970s, slick stick-handler and tactician, accurate passer and sniper, mastered European style hockey, not as impressive vs. hard-hitting Canadian style hockey and not as fast as most of his teammates.
Originally Posted by Joe Pelletier's Greatest Hockey Legend
This allowed Tarasov to experiment with what was known as "the System." Instead of two conventional defenders backing up three forwards, Tarasov created a five man unit with only one true defender, the great Alexander Ragulin. Vladimir Vikulov and Anatoli Firsov were the explosive forwards, while Viktor Polupanov and Ivanov served as "semi-defensemen," almost like a mid-fielder in soccer. They would roam both ends of the ice, creating odd man situations in both the offensive and defensive zones. Ivanov's ability in both ends led to this revolutionary though still uncommon strategy.
Originally Posted by
[Vikulov] demonstrated the ability to be an excellent passer at any speed, had a very precise shot with a quick release and had great dangling ability (it's hard to translate "obvodka" - it means not only stickhandling ability, but ability to skate by his opponent, also a combination of stickhandling and skating ability), because of which was known as "slalom racer" since his juniors days

During his time with CSKA he was known as most tricky soviet forward. His moves were always a surprise for his opponents. *
Originally Posted by A September to Remember
Later in the period Vladimir Vikulov capitalized from the slot while Team Canada's defenders were hopelessly out of position.
Originally Posted by Flyers Alumni: Bobby Clarke
The series was looking more and more like an embarrassment for Team Canada. The Canadians arrived in Moscow one game down on their opponents. After the first game at the Luzhniki Sports Palace, the gap doubled. A mistake by Clarke in the final minutes of the game cost the Canadians a tie. He was trying to control the puck near the boards and shot a pass to his partner, Rod Seiling. But Valeri Kharlamov intercepted the pass and flipped the puck to Vladimir Vikulov, who beat Tony Esposito at the net.
Originally Posted by The Sun (09/10/1976)
Vladimir Vikulov fired a strong wrist shot from the top Of the right face-Off circle that went, over Curran's shoulder at 2.41 of the second period.

''Vladimir Vikulov's winning goal in the first game in Moscow should have been historic. His goal almost guaranteed victory in the series. Everybody thought the same, including the Soviet players. Unfortunately, the Canadian players did not feel this way. They showed us that it's too early to celebrate victory.'' - Oleg Spassky, Russian Soviet coach

- ''I remember the opening faceoff. I knew this faceoff was symbolic. I didn't know why, but I really wanted to win it. At the last second, I decided not to fight for the puck. I thought it would look strange.'' - Vladimir Vikulov, remembering the 1974 Summit Series opening faceoff

- ''On the other hand - well, I was now playing side by side with Anatoly Firsov and Vladimir Vikulov, teammates who ruled out the possibility of playing badly right out. I have learned a lot and benefited greatly from playing in a new group.'' - Valeri Kharlamov

- ''In virtually every match Vikulov and Firsov demonstrate their creativity, improvise, and confound the opponent with one riddle after another - they were also doing a great deal of work, and very eagerly so, pulling back whenever they would lose the puck. So if I had played more offensively with my former partners (Petrov and Mikhailov), caring little about defence, now that I was on ice alongside such eminent players, it would be embarrassing to carry on playing instead of going back and helping them. To play any different from how they played or to work any less on the rink would be tantamount to disrespecting them.'' - Valeri Kharlamov

Fun and Interesting Facts:

- Vladimir Vikulov was an assistant captain in the 1976 Canada Cup
- In the 1972 Summit Series, Vladmir Vikulov and Phil Esposito took the ceremonial faceoff in Montreal
- In the 1972 Summit Series, Vikulov two goals of the series, in game four and game five, were both game winning goals
- Although it is unknown how many games Vikulov played at the centre position, he did played at that position at some point in 1974, alongside left winger Sergei Kapustin and right winger Vyacheslav Anisin

IIHF: International Ice Hockey Federation
WEC-A: World & European Championship Pool A

YouTube Videos:

(At 7:40)

Internet Sites:

*Translation from Russian by DoMakc

Special Thank You: DoMakc, Triffy, Sturminator, VanIslander, VMBM

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