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03-11-2011, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
Ok, I'll bite.

Who is Detroit's enforcer?
You gotta help me out here zad, in regards to what? I don't understand where the question is coming from.

If your asking who is Detroit's enforcer in the context of my point that every team will have an enforcer then I will have to say the wings use three different cliffords to do their enforcing more than simply one.

That said, if you take a look around the league or heck, even in our division you will find most every team has an enforcer.

Maybe if Simmonds and Brown played a more physically intimidating game or a game that is more similar to Cliffords we would have a team that is closer to Detroit but they don't and until we have a team that has more Cliffords on it we will need to have our nuc as well.

I would ask you this, who of the Wings checking line types don't drop the gloves with anyone at any time?

Which of them won't fight at the drop of a hat? Cleary? Nope, he's a gamer?

My point is that give us more Cliffords and we won't have even the slightest need for a single Westgarth.

I come from the old days of the game so the idea of the game not having or needing heavies is a difficult thing for me to comprehend but like I have said in other posts on the subject, regardless of the need Westgarth is a rookie and his individual stats aren't bad for a guy who is given a little more than 2mins a game and told to go out and try and chance the momentum.

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