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03-11-2011, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
This assumes Westgarth would do anything with his minutes.

His is slow, has no first step, is average on defense and has zero offensive upside except for surprisingly being an above average passer for a pylon.

So, what would he do with the minutes except waste them. Not much. Clifford has earned his minutes. The boy can skate, pass, shoot, hit and has a tough fighting component as well. If Clifford had Westgarth's skill set, he wouldn't be Kyle Clifford and he would get 4-9 minutes per game as well.
But I have to right back at you zad and say that who's to say that he wouldn't? He is given two minutes a game and even then doesn't play every game, how can we say that he wouldn't continue to develop his game given the opportunity. He was significantly better in the AHL then he has been in the NHL but even with his limited time I have seen minor improvement.

He isn't slow but he isn't the guy that I want trying to carry the puck out of his own end anyways.

It just isn't fair in my opinion to argue that he wouldn't be able to do something without being able to provide any facts to support the statement.

It is your opinion and I believe probably allot of other peoples opinion as well that he wouldn't be able to do anything with more time but it is my opinion he would. In the end it is all only opinion so there can be no absolute.

Also, GREAT WIN and I agree that if we want to debate the whole enforcer subject in the NHL then we absolutely should start a thread and not ruin a tidbits with it. I for one apologize for my part in this.

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