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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
He is "for the most part" meaning not entirely but almost so unnecessary with the way that Murray has used him. I would rather see a player who is as tough as Clifford and as mobile and as determined playing in Westgarth's spot rather than any other true heavyweight as long as we had one or two other bottom 6 ers who played the same.

If anything Cliffy points out how little grit our team has on it. It really comes down to him, Westgarth and occasionally Simmonds and to me that means that we still simply must have at least one more player than him that can carry the weight when needed.

Put Clune up on the 3rd line or make Richie play a grittier game and we would have no need of a heavyweight.

Lets say Cliffy tops out as a Lappy, when we had Lappy we had other players who also played with an edge (not many but more than two) who can balance things out.

My point is that you simply can't rely only on one heavyweight or one physical player and hope to compete. Show me the skill only team that has won the cup. I would argue that last year the one thing that made the Habs lose out is that they came across a much much more physical team.

That is my position, we either need to have more players like Clifford or Westgarth serves a limited purpose even if our coach doesn't properly utilize him.
See, I agree with this for the most part and it's why I was confused when you disagreed with the last post. My argument is that we're short on team toughness and that we need 1 or 2 more guys like Clifford. I'm not arguing we're a tough team. I'm arguing that we're a soft team with or without Westy so we might as well dress a better player - Richie - than dress Westy.

You may disagree here but I don't think Westy adds any team toughness. Hell, Westy averages less than 1 hit a game (Richie averages more) and he's rarely involved in scrums because he can't keep up with the play. Some will disagree but I don't think staged fights add anything to team toughness. We're definitely short on team grit but I just don't see how Westgarth brings any of that in his game/role. Since it's not something he can bring or his role allows, and we don't have any guys like Clifford that are ready to step into the role either, we're better off dressing our 12 best skaters.

I don't think Clune is the answer based off of what I saw last year but if it was a Clune vs. Westgarth debate, I'd go with the Clune every time.

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