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03-12-2011, 12:40 AM
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Alright...quick notes because I'm tired. I had a great time and it was a very exciting game to watch with a lot of emotion and a rowdy crowd.

- Strome's puck movement is crazy good. He handles that puck so well -- great puck carrier with amazing hands.
- Responsible defensively. He made some really good defensive plays including a lifted stick in the 2nd period that prevented what, I assume, could have been a sure goal. He's got a quick stick and had some decent takeaways and was causing trouble in the neutral zone all game.
- Great skating. He's fast and he's got a good first step. He's mobile.
- Surprisingly good in the corners. He's not very thick, and not overly tall, so I expected him to get pushed around a lot more. He only really got pinned against the boards once that I saw.
- Faceoffs were great. I didn't exactly count down to the exact number, but he lost 5 faceoffs all night and he took at least 15. I was really surprised. Quick stick.
- Insane shot. Laser shot. I can't say enough about his shot. His wrister is decent (my seat was right near where they were warming up) but he's a straight snipeshow with his slapper.
- Created good opportunities with passing. Great vision and hockey IQ moving around into great spaces and always following the play (defensively and offensively)

- He did make a defensive gaff on the second goal. I don't think it was really his fault, but he didn't get to the open man fast enough to prevent the goal. He could have been better.
- A couple picked off passes. They looked smooth but just ended up getting caught on sticks.
- Smallish. He's not overly tall (around 6' I'd say) and he looks kind of on the thin side. I guessed 185 before but I'd say it's closer to 170 - 175. He didn't really get bullied around, but I could see that happening.
- At points didn't really get much of a chance to get involved in the game. I wouldn't say it was his fault though as the 67s were clearly playing much better than the Ice Dogs in general.

Anyway those are my points. I know people will just write them off but I had great seats (as I said before, 7 rows from the ice in the middle) and I'm trying to be as objective as possible. It was cool though because I yelled at him during warm up and he smacked his stick against the glass at me I'm assuming in acknowledgment. Neat I guess even though I feel dirty, like a 16 year old girl or something.

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