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03-12-2011, 12:47 AM
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Taylor Matson. Just stay healthy. Just stay healthy. Just stay healthy. I have no comaplints about his game at all. One of only a few gophers that play with 100% heart all game long. Best PKer. Please just stay healthy.

Aaron Ness. While he is not in the Pat White category he is close. There is no edge to his game. He does not posses the killer instinct. He does step and makes plays but i feel he could really light up the score sheet. My advice for the Isles and the Gophers. Give him the C next year and out rght challenge him to be a leader and elevate his game and every one elses. If the isles take him now. He will be in Europe in three years.

Nicco Sacchetti. His PIM numbers look like this 43 as a fresh, 12 as a soph and now 20 as a junior in 10 less games than his soph. Plain and simple he looks lazy and unmotivated. Makes poor descions and his playing time is reflected. Still has talent and shows it from time to time.

Joe Miller. Proabally doing everything right. Played in 11 games and i cannot remember a sinlge moment. I think that is good for a 4th line guy.

Nick Larson. What a turn around. Chipping in very nicely. Playing PK and working hard where ever he is. 1st-4th line. Look forward to another year of Larson. Much like Matson on a lesser scale, just solid.

Jake Hansen. Its good to write about a guy that is an upper classmen and playing solid hockey. Finally scoring goals like every one knew he could. Working hard and is playing good hockey. Looking forward to him leading the team in goals next year.

Kent Patterson. If not for Patterson i would have wrote the end of the year review several week ago. SOLID.

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