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Originally Posted by VMBM View Post
That is true. I was only timidly suggesting that maybe he was more dependent on his linemates than some others, and post-1972, he couldn't quite shine in the same way when playing on the 2nd/3rd line or whatnot. But that would probably apply to many other players too, so I'll leave it that.
I'm very comfortable with you suggesting this. In a sense, you're probably not wrong, as history dosn't remember Vikulov in the same breath as the All-Time Russian great. He may just have been a little more dependant on others skills. He was recognize as an all-time great playmaker, so in a way the lesser players he's paired with, the lesser results he will collect from his passing ability. However, my point still stand that in a team full of All-Star, it's pretty difficult not to play with one.

We also have to keep in mind that Vikulov was already 26 years old by 1972. Most Russian started slowing down around that age. However, by 26, Vikulov already had 3 elite season (FAST) and three excellent (SAST) plus a decent rookie season (TAST). He had decent season from 1973 to 1978, where he was between the 9th and 15th best player in Russia, but his legacy really lies before 1973.

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