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Originally Posted by internetdotcom View Post
My bad if I misunderstood. I don't doubt that Heatley, much as we all despise him, was worth his draft position at the time. However, I really feel that if you took away Alfie and Spezza from his line and replaced them with more average players, that his numbers would absolutely plummet. Look at his time now in SJ, playing with Thornton, one of the best (maybe the best) playmakers in the league, and much of the time with Marleau as well, and his numbers have dropped significantly for a few years in a row now. Even if you put aside his attitude and loyalty and personality issues, and just look at him as a hockey player, here are the objective facts :

- he is slow
- he doesn't make his linemates and teammates better (in fact, it can be argued that he makes them worse, if anything)
- he is not physical, in fact he is quite easily knocked off the puck
- he's not a very good setup man
- he is really nothing more than a slapshot

Regarding your other responses :

- there is a big difference between trading (almost) your entire team to try to tank (who really does this? No team I know of) and trading them to put a rebuild in motion. I do think that rebuilding after having one bad season was a mistake, but now that it's started, hopefully we will end up being the Detroit Red Wings in a few years
- I can't beleive you would question whether Alfie could be playing right now. This man has routinely played hurt and played with pain, and still played his *** off. Who are you to doubt him?
- I agree that guys like Potulny and Svatos are uniform fillers, but if they perform, then we could find a diamond in the rough
- I somewhat agree about Heatley. I am glad he is not around anymore even if his production is hard to replace. We really saw what he was made of when we gave him the A in 2008-09 and we wanted him to carry a line by himself.

He is a sniper, a complimentary player who will score after his linemates do the dirty work and the playmaking

He could have been something else though if it wasn't for that car acccident. Sure Heatley did produce for the Sens but why couldn't we keep Marian Hossa instead?


- But you agree with me that if you trade your NHL veterans and replace them by AHL plugs (Lessard), waiver fodder (Svatos), AHL players (Smith, Potulny) and prospects (Condra, Butler, Greening), it should naturally bring you to "tank", even if you want it or not.

- I respect your opinion, but after watching this team fade away and decline years after years, I strongly believe it was time for a change. We only traded Fisher and Kelly from the old core. Alfie is injured but still has 1 or 2 years left. Philips will still be here for 3 years and Neil (probably) for 2 more years.

What we did was more :

- Save some salary for the remainder of the season (Melnyk cutting loss)
- Get more draft picks and get rid of some UFAs that won't be back (Kovalev, Ruutu)
- Change a part of the Team culture
- Open roster spots for prospects now and next season (Campoli, Fisher, Kelly spots are opened + spots opened by the departure of UFAs)
- Re-arrange the salary cap-structure (Kelly + Fisher = 6.3 per season)

- lol, calm down about Alfie. When did I doubted him or anything? Control your emotions. I'm just saying that if we were in the playoffs race, he could have played injured or would have came back earlier, who knows? It's not like Alfie never did that... but maybe you're new around the team

- There is no diamond in the rough with Potulny and Svatos. They could fill a roster spot short term, but they are more left overs than anything (more in Svatos case). Potulny has been Cloustonized so far, so no idea if he can produce or anything.

Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Man, the 1996 draft stunk. Just look at that top 7. As for Ottawa, no matter who we draft with our top 7 pick we should get a good player. Hoping it's a forward though.
You are severely underrating Boyd Devereaux

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