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10-12-2003, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by serum114
Jeeezus, what a whiny bunch of bandwagon chumps we look like. Seriously people, get your wits about you.

I sit through a bad outing by the Oilers, go out drinking, come home, sleep, wake up and the board is full fo everyone and their dog trying to cuss out every skater on the Oilers roster.

The fact of the matter is we played poorly against one of the 6 or 7 best teams in the league. They outhustled us, outskilled us and outplayed us. Jovo laid waste to Izzy physically, but that whole team laid waste to us in every possible way.

But you know what kids? It was just one game.

Brewer opens the year with a couple of bad outings and all of a sudden he's a chump. Apparently now Staios and Smith are bums and the rest of our roster are lazy, talentless hacks.

Show some f**king self-respect people. Teams have off games, especially young teams like the Oilers, and there will be more games like this in the future. There will also be more games like the San Jose tilt.

Today, this board is proof positive that the word "fan" is a shortened version of "fanatic."
Don't be a *****, Serum. I'm glad everyone is pissed about last night. At least we care about our team losing and don't just shrug it off. That's one of the reasons I love the Oilers. Fans expect big things each year and aren't satisfied with continually coming in eigth in the standings. And we will finish no higher than 7th or 8th if we can't play well against teams in our own division.

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