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03-12-2011, 09:53 AM
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The problem that many of you have here is threefold:

Problem 1: You are afraid of a player who has had one concussion in his entire NHL career, because apparently having a concussion means he is damaged goods....

Many athletes have had concussions (myself included), that does not mean it is a given that they're performance will decline at any age, or that they necessarily are at risk for worse future concussions. Richards has had a relatively healthy career with only two major injuries (two broken hands in the same year; the definition of freak accidents). Excluding the 08-09 season, and the year he was traded, he's played 80 or more games each season. Richards also shows no signs of being at risk for future concussions unlike a player such as Lindros, who it was pretty obvious that he was an injury risk with the way he skated (head down).

Problem 2: You are afraid of revisiting the past in which the Rangers gave out only a couple large contracts.

Post-lockout, the only significant ones were Drury, Redden and Gomez, I guess you could count Kotalik and Voros. Kotalik and Voros were terrible contracts, as was Redden who was obviously declining. Gomez and Drury though were not bad players, they were just very overpaid. Richards is unlike any of those players mentioned, he's a lot better. Giving out long-huge contracts is fine, but it has to be the right player, and that player is Richards.

Problem 3: He has always played with better line mates than the ones he'd be playing with on the Rangers.

The reality is, he hasn't. James Neal is no better than Dubinsky. He may have a bit more skill, but point-wise, he doesn't contribute much more than Dubinsky does. Dubinsky has 45 points in 64 games this season. Neal has 42 points in 66 games. Last year Dubinsky had 44 points in 69 games, while Neal had 55 in 78. Of course Neal is a year younger, but doesn't matter. Dubinsky is more comparable to Neal's linemate Eriksson, however. That leaves Gaborik who is the best out of the three of them. While St. Louis is one of the leagues better RWs now, Gaborik is no slouch at scoring either, both are good for at least 80 points.

I'm sure I could think of more problems you guys have with signing Richards, but your reasoning is irrational.

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