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03-12-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by TheRealSpez View Post

Yeah, Spezza will be sitting right there beside Karlsson... so they can watch and take notes on how to play hockey from the rest of our ****** team. Replacing them for draft picks, like the OP stated, would undoubtedly start an era of the Sens being the worst canadian team of all time.

Where do fans like these come from? You managed to take away any credibility of the opinion that Karlsson's defencive game is **** by making yourself look like a moron on the first post of the thread.
Oh look, a drama queen. Don't call me a moron when you bring Spezza in your point out of nowhere just to show how emotionally attached you are to our players. Fans like me are interested to see players being developed the right way. Maybe it's detrimental to sit Karlsson here and there, but maybe it's good for him to see Rundblad learn on the fly and make mistakes, as their game are supposedly very similar. Only management knows. The point is, we can afford to play musical chairs with our D unless someone gets traded. Btw, just because you don't agree doesn't excuse you from sounding like a dick.

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