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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
It's funny how quickly most on here crap all over Carle, yet Coburn noticeably goes unscathed by the masses. Coburn continually makes the same mistake over and over and over, yet he completely goes under the radar or people will often blame something else for Coburn's inability to make the simple decision. Carle, on the other hand, continually gets raked over the coals and people can't get him out of here quick enough. In two seasons, Carle has really made an effort to improve his overall game. In Coburn's nearly five seasons here, he just seems to be stuck in two gears - bad and mediocre. I say it's about time that people on here recognize what Carle brings to the table. He's quietly becoming a leader on the team and it looks good for a guy who was thrown under a bus in San Jose by Ron Wilson and was thrown to the wolves in Tampa Bay by Barry Melrose.
I agree, although you should start watching games with me. I have done my fair share of yelling at Coburn over the years.

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